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Discover the ultimate grooming experience at Wet Noses "Pampered Paws". Our in-house groomer delivers top-quality services that will leave your pup looking and feeling amazing. Whether they're here for daycare or a grooming appointment, we'll make sure they're happy and relaxed every step of the way.

When booking we base the service price by size of dog:

X-small 1-5 lbs Small 6-10lbs Medium 11-35lbs Large 36-65lbs X-large 65+lbs

Perfectly Pampered

Royal Bath (blow dry, brushout, nails) + desired hair cut.

XS $60   S $65   M$70   L$83   XL $105 



Doodle Cut

Royal Bath (blow dry, brushout, nails) + a one length hair cut. Any matting or speciality requests (ex.lamb cut) will increase price 

XS $70   S $80   M$95   L$115   XL $125 


Face, Feet, Fanny

Royal Bath (blow dry, brushout, nails) + Light trimming including :Paw pad, sanitary shave, face shaping. 

S $60    M$75    L$85.  XL$95

Soap Suds

Need Help Booking?

Shoot us an email at and we would be delighted to help you select the best grooming option for your pup!

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